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Cooperation with Marsoner + Partner GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft


The company decades of experience in tax law consultancy and auditing

Our business and tax law consultancy looks after your individual needs and personal wishes and treats them with the deepest respect. Our services go beyond optimizing tax assessments, the management and interpretation of laws, and classical business consultancy. Due to decades of experience as an auditing and consulting firm, we can offer profound insight into many trades and use this knowledge locally and internationally. We are aware of overlapping developments and can therefore offer you detailed concepts and optimal solutions for your specific business demands.

Die „kleine Eva“, von Marco Szedenik, Bronze patiniert

Die „kleine Eva“, von Marco Szedenik, Bronze patiniert

Considering Individual Needs

Although most of our work has to do with business, figures and law, we are focused on the person. In contrast to other larger companies we do not have concepts on the shelf that we sell over and over again. We are convinced that optimal solutions can only be developed by considering individual needs. Of course, we can build on decades of consulting experience. Our clients honour this commitment with many years of loyalty. For some we have been business partners for almost three generations. Westtreuhand deliberately decided not to follow the trend of recent years and join one of the 4 big auditing companies. It is important for us to keep our independence and be able to make fast and non-bureaucratic decisions for our clients. As CEO I want to use my energy to consult clients, and not only find ways and means to increase the yearly turnover of the auditing concern.

International Business

As a member of the “International Association of Professional Accountants” (IAPA) we are able to support our clients worldwide much better. Westtreuhand is the only association of independent accountants and auditing firms in Austria. This is certainly to your advantage: For international business solutions we can immediately rely on a network of partners and give you the very best advice. We invite you to use our competence as your business partner nationally and internationally.